Classes and Seminars

Classes and Seminars

PRAYER PORTIONS: A 13 week Group Study using Sylvia Gunter material

 1. Many of us have the time to draw closer to God now and this is a structured course that will help you do just that. 
 2. Several of us who have done this course before are planning to do it again. It has the potential for providing a lifetime of    
    prayer and spiritual direction. 
 3. There are two books needed and we wanted to give you plenty of time to order them. 

                                                 PRAYER PORTIONS $29.50 
                                                 PRAYER PORTIONS STUDY GUIDE $15.00 
                                         (These can be ordered from: 

 4. We will meet on Tuesdays from 2:30-4:30PM beginning January 12 at Christ Church, Community Center, 667 20 St., Vero 
 5. No matter how long you have been journeying with the Lord, man or woman, this course can be a fresh approach to a 
    deeper walk with God. 
 6. We will be wearing masks and social distancing. (We plan to do RUACH JOURNEY this summer and taking PRAYER 
    PORTIONS is a pre-requisite.) 

 7. Please RSVP by calling: 772-299-8851 or email: